Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Prompt 2: Your Birth

I was born on Sunday, August 15, 1954 at City Hospital, East Liverpool, Ohio. My mother’s obstetrician was Dr. Gladys McGarry. My mother always told me that her labor with me was very easy and very quick. Afterwards she requested something to eat, preferably a steak!

I was born with a nearly full head of black hair that I never lost. That hair was a trait that ran in the family. When my father brought my siblings to visit, which in those days meant standing on the sidewalk while my mother held me up to the window, my brother Ralph turn his back in anger because I was not the brother he had been promised.

I was the youngest of four children. At the time of my birth my 2 webbed toes on my left foot and my “outtie” belly button were only things that were remarkable about me.  That is until I came home from the first day of kindergarten and announced that I was a genius which is something that my sister Zoe would never let me live down.

A birth announcement sent to my mother's Aunt Bea

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