Saturday, November 23, 2013

Prompt 11: Military

I did not have any personal experience with the military so I decided to interview my cousin Arlene d’Arbonne. Arlene was born at Ft. Benning, GA while her father was in the Army. We were rather close growing up.  She is about 18 months younger than me. Arlene was in Reserve Officer Training Corps while she was a student at Bowling Green University in Ohio. After graduating in 1978, Arlene was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. She not only served, she became an Army wife.

Arlene and her husband Greg now live in New Hampshire. Greg is retired from the Army, but recently donned his dress uniform again when their daughter Jess was married.  Jess was born at Ft. Bragg and grew up with her dad in the Army, so her desire for him to be in uniform for her big day is understandable. When I think about my cousin’s family there is always a link to the Army even though neither of Arlene and Greg’s children Jess and Paul are in the Army.

We spent part of a morning talking about her Army experience.

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